April 01, 2009

Who Knows and How Open

Probably during my six years as a hotwife most that have played with me tend to pop those questions. It was also something Rock and I discussed in depth and studied with much attention when we stared down this path. 

We thought originally that if something likes this comes up to be basically open about it and describe an open marriage. But we did not like that for two reasons. I did not like it because if it became so wide known then situations could come up in terms of people I am not interested in thinking they could hit on me or even worse people getting upset at one or both of us if I did not fuck them. Rock did not like this because a lot of his enjoyment is the thrill of the looks, the behind the back talk and most important the extra thrill or rendering some of the looks and behind his back talk of me stepping out on him. So for example a couple of months ago we were at a party and I had done the host months ago in a really fun pretty raunchy great time. Anyway, most of the evening his brother who obviously had heard the details of this spent all of his time trying to flirt with me while trying to stay clear of my husband. Rock just loved this and if we were just out with being in an open marriage it might not have things like this or to the degree.

We do not flaunt this aspect but we also do not hide it as well. Except for rare occasions would you see me dressed in a very inappropriate manner when out in the public. Sexy and maybe with the ability to push it if the opportunity arises, sure but I am not a walking billboard of I am a total cheap slut please hit on me. Now if you were to visit me at home outside of the coldest months you would find me barely dressed max out your first reaction was I am a total slut and if that is all you can think about when seeing me I was successful. 

In general though people like to be entertained by gossip and titillation and pretty much in the end do not give a crap about how other people live. When either one of us has been cornered in a “do you know what Crystal is doing” or “how can you do this to your husband” type of way we go with the open marriage excuse. But that happens very rarely as if you are a good friend of Rock then you know already and Rock has offered them to fuck me and might have fucked me a long time ago if he thought they would be into that kind of thing.

Basically in general I think most people that know us know I sleep around and Rock does not care. Some know I sleep around a lot and Rock loves it. Rock’s family either knows, obviously Sweetness and Lips, or has a strong idea. I would say only his Mom ever implies something and that is things like “how you go about your relationship” but we do get along really well.

The negative people tend to be mostly the women and a few male married acquaintances that probably flat out disapprove or worry I will go after their spouses. This does not affect me as my whole life history has had people look at me in a less then positive light. 

We basically practice a do not ask and do not tell policy. If those are interested they give off hints to various degrees. If those ask we give them the open marriage excuse. But mostly people let us be and for some give them some fun things to talk about and we are perfectly fine with that.


  1. Its funny how people with negative comments to make will always say something or drop a hint, where as those that do not care or are not bothered by it will often only show curiosity at most. It must be liberating that Rock is with you all the way on this!

  2. So true Petal and thankfully most do not care or are curious!

    I try to avoid overomantic type thoughts in my life but Rock and I truly happy with everythig in our life together.


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    4. Our brother Mohammad Lujain Alzin participated in the idea of this research may god will reward him for that work, and also reward any one who may contributes by a useful idea.


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