April 14, 2009

Dressing to Feel Sexy

Well I had wanted to write about this topic when I was able to dress in one of my favorite ways. But since spring is being a big crybaby and not coming out and warming up where I live I decided to bribe it by talking about what I enjoy wearing during most of the year when it is actually warm enough.

Now my favorite thing to wear is a light summer dress. I prefer ones that are mid thigh to knee level and shows off a decent amount of cleavage whether from the front or side can be quite cool as men love seeing skin they do not normally see in places. Summer dresses can be very comfortable fabric and very easy to get on and off. They are also perfectly acceptable everywhere but with lots of possibilities to entice. 

Now I am not an exhibitionist in terms of getting turned on by showing off my body or doing sexual acts with people watching. But I am not blessed with having mixed feelings of enjoying men are checking me out and being also pissed off because they are staring at body parts. I just am of the enjoying part there. Outside of my volunteer work or some proper party the summer dress is warn sans bra or panties. Bra, well my breast mostly filled with silicone has other benefits and panties because the way it makes me feel and the ability to flirt.

I like wearing a dress like this because it feels both proper and like I am basically naked or can be in a second. This good and naughty dichotomy I really enjoy feeling in my head. I also have found dressing this way is a great way to attract and flirt with men. Nothing like bending in a way so a man can see the nipples or sitting and crossing the legs to give to let someone know I am shaved down there. I have found men like summer dresses a lot more then shorts and t-shirts and the flirting aspects help the bolder men actually hit on me.

I also love dresses because it encourages men to play with my pussy when I am wearing them unlike shorts or pants and there are great times to be had when without removing a stitch of clothing to have a cock going in and out of my pussy. 

I also love sarongs. I have found that the men in my life like me a lot when I am wearing a bikini top and a sarong, usually partially transparent, and nothing else around the house. Now you can also wear a sarong covering your breasts that goes down to mid or short thigh but I do not care for that other then if hanging out in a bikini on a beach or boating and going into a waterside bar or restaurant. To me I feel wearing a sarong like this is just like wearing a bath towel. But I do like wearing it as a long skirt. It then has a natural slit that goes write to the waist which is great for showing off a leg.

I will pretty much always wear the bikini top and sarong only bottom whenever there will be male only guest in the home or repairmen type people come by. I will put on a bikini bottom along with the sarong if I am going to run a quick errand instead of just changing. Depending on the place depends in how I wear the sarong. I really like them because of their flexibility.

My next outfit is to make use of the bikini bottoms and I will wear those and a male tank top preferably white. There is something about nipple indentions on white fabric that makes them pop out more. Tank tops are great braless again because you basically cannot help but flash your tits at people and men again love side boob. Instead of a bikini bottom I will also wear just panties. What is good about this outfit is that my men seem to think it gives off the impression I am horny, like when am I not, but at the same time just throw on some shorts and I am ready to go someplace outside. The male tank top just makes the front baggy as opposed to a woman’s and allows the flashing which in a weird way since I am often just wearing a tiny bottom that this focuses men to play with my tits.

The first few years when Rock and I were together I would also around the house just break out sexy lingerie and wear that around all day. But that just felt out of place like I have never got my day started or was trying to start my night too soon. I still do it on occasion or at least partial days starting in the evening but it is more just to mix things up then anything else.

Well now that I talked about it maybe Mother Nature will let us have a spring so I can start actually wearing my favorite clothes!


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