April 22, 2009

Date of Destiny

Fifty plus hours of no Rock to touch and spoil and counting and my thoughts drift back to our first date.

While serious I had little to no expectations of meeting someone when I filled out my profile on a kinky sex personal site. I was still stripping and knew the odds just from that made the chance of any actual serious connection to be remote. But I tried it anyway and put in my profile rather direct that I was looking for a man who wanted to actually acknowledge sex was important and to be put out front in the relationship and could objectify me on a severe level on that aspect. Rock’s profile was of wanting an extreme acting slut that would have many partners.

Now at the time I thought of myself as a monogamous woman and even today part of me still thinks that. At the time reading his profile I had never heard of what was a hotwife and my thought when I heard the word cuckold was of a wimpy man who sucked in bed so his woman stepped out on him and chastised him for that and I certainly had no interest in that. But his message to me oozed passion for all things slutty and sex and Rock still came off as a level headed serious guy. 

Everyone I have ever talked to about online dating that have had positive results for the most part have said the same thing, that from the first message they knew there was something there. Whether from some connection or the feeling and passion conveyed in important areas that from the start there is little doubt in our minds we are getting a real person and not a cyber created version of someone. That is what Rock and I had with each other. From the start the words came effortlessly to type or speak. Topics went from normal to detailed sexual ones with mutual ease and interests from both of us. The word natural always sticks in my mind like we were two long time friends with no secrets between us.

We met for lunch a week and a half after first contact on a Saturday. We lived four plus hours away so this was about as quick as it could have been. We did the whole meet in public lunch thing like good meet in cyber safety people. I even had not rearranged my work schedule which had me working that night, although I had aligned up a friend to substitute and clear it with the boss just in case.

I will never forget seeing him as I walked toward the door where he was standing. Pictures can lie sometimes because of the one who sends them and sometimes because they just can. His pictures had not done him justice. I have one body type that always does it for me and Rock had it. Athletic is cool, skinny sucks and fat ranges in between those two but thick in a not too muscled but not too flabby, tall and black and my panties are instantly soaked. There is just nothing not to lust after about that combination and Rock had it all. There is nothing not to lust at about a man that towers over me and when fucking me missionary style feels like he is absorbing all of me into him. His arms were huge and his hand matched his body. I was in deep trouble right from the start.

Now there are three types of men that go after strippers. 

1) The sexually repressed or troubled man. These are men that can only marry and think of their other in a Virgin Mary sort of way so sex is for dirty women and strippers are dirty. They treat us like crap and most dancers avoid these losers at all costs. These are also the men fooled into delusional thoughts they are going to rescue the poor dancer because their cock only wants to act in a noble way when they are really just after young pussy.

2) The laid back casual looking wanting to just have a good time, not just sex, guy. They are not looking for anything serious and enjoy being around women that sex is so out there. They can treat a dancer as a woman who happens to strip and enjoy and accept being in and around that way of life instead of just thinking of her as a stripper and little else. Dancers love these guys and they can usually get all the pussy they can handle.

3) Guys who are open to in fact going after a long term relationship. These are open to or just flat out attracted to strippers because they have sex on the brain and/or have had bad relationships with sexually repressed/low sex drive types. This group also includes men with abnormal occupations that are often stressed filled that look for a woman that gets it and understand and does not mind sex being often a stress relief outlet for them.

So which was Rock was what I was mainly trying to figure out when we sat down for lunch. This need to know which had me trying to check the sexual urges and play harder to get then my normal personality and actions. On the other side of the table Rock was trying to be the perfect gentleman and show he care for all of me and not just about sex since we met on such a site. 

I lasted roughly a half hour with my mind still having coherent thoughts. Rock was one of those special men, the guy who exuded that special quiet confidence. That special way of no agenda, self boasting or manipulative goals with his words but just words of conviction and integrity no matter what the subject from admitting something embarrassing to his biggest sports achievement as a kid. The type of guy that ask for a blow job in the same confident yet classy way someone might ask for one to pass the ketchup.

Roughly a half hour in is when the mind stopped processing information and just started to have filthy thoughts of this man in bed. Rock insists that I engaged him in quality conversation for the rest of that lunch but I really do not think I could have and he is just stayed committed to his lie over the years now when we talk about it. The lunch lasted about an hour and a half and at which time according to Rock I said exactly “would you like to come back to my apartment and fuck me silly”. 

I remember driving back to my apartment with him following behind being afraid he would lose me or just decide I was not worth it and drive away. Of course he did not and once inside there were no more sentences to be spoken or heard as we immediately went at it like animals in super heat. There was no softness/making love and there was not emotional intimacy being nurtured it was frantic, hard and animalistic. He did not grab a tit to arouse me but grabbed it because he damn well wanted to. I did not suck his cock to please him I sucked it because I had to taste it or die. It went fast with no written erotica embellishments like his hard cock worked me over for an hour before unleashing its load and must of lasted not more then twenty minutes from the closing of the door to us looking into each other eyes and thinking hell yeah!

The afterward while waiting for round two my brain came back and realized this is a guy I just might be able to fall completely for and I most certainly placed the call to my friend to let her know she could have my premium shift for that night.


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    4. Our brother Mohammad Lujain Alzin participated in the idea of this research may god will reward him for that work, and also reward any one who may contributes by a useful idea.


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