April 10, 2009

Not Much of a Torpedo

Woke up yesterday morning by being lightly caressed by Rock that worked itself into for a quick bit a nice roll in the hay that is always a great way to wake up. Why quick because Rock was in his term “priming the pump” and he pulled out of me before I was about to orgasm for the first time of the day and had me finish him off by sucking him off. The reason Rock did this because he knew I was going to visit Navy man today and he thinks it is cute to do this when he knows I have a date during the day.

I was to meet Navy man for a late lunch so my morning consisted of the routine type things, meditate, work out and household chores. Getting ready for the date was semi-rushed due to the fact I am not the best at keeping time. I tend to be on time but it is more often then not a close call. 

Perhaps the combination of not yet warm but no really cold, in the middle of a workday not working is the perfect storm of making it difficult to choose what to wear. I wanted Navy man to not see me as a married fellow social worker but as a willing piece of ass but did not want to be so overt to make him or others not use to seeing someone yet with skimpy clothing on. I finally settles on a navy blue and white ( coincidence only) sleeveless shirtdress with enough buttons undone to try to get my tits to express “I need some attention” while not looking like a hooker confused what time it is.

I do not really get nervous when I go out on these ventures. I read and hear from other women when they go on regular dates or from other hotwives and it seem that some nerves would add to the excitement. I generally feel horny of course but overall I would guess I feel like more times then not fairly calm and collected. I usually know within minutes if the date ends with me out of my clothes or not and I think I try not to get worked up one way or the other so whichever happens is ok. But not this one as I was just excited and horny as all hell to do him and the hour and twenty minute drive took forever.

We met at a very nice restaurant which relaxed me as I did not feel like I was dressed in a weird way and was surprised as well. I had not distorted this man’s sexy piercing blue eyes. He must have to turn them away and I think why is he with me then. Now I can talk about social work and foster children all day long but not when visions of the man before me bending me over and fucking me are dancing in my head. But that is what we start out talking about and he has such a passion for it that he stills turns me on. I think to myself if I could just ditch my clothes now would be so much easier.

Lunch was nice and I did get him to talk about other things and flirt a little. As lunch was ending there was the usual dance in this circumstance, will he ask me back to his place or do I have to be more direct. Strike one happens despite hinting and flirting up a storm I have to be direct. Sometimes I will be more playful and do it in a more sexual way but when the flirting has not worked so far I just ask if we should go back to his place. Good news is he really liked the idea.

Ok three things always happen when arriving back to the man’s place. 1) They act almost like it is the start of a brand new date. 2) They act like you have already given the green light and somehow despite being many minutes in a car and in this case two cars that I am all hot, worked up and ready to go. 3) They are sane and understand they are getting the green light to try to go after it but need to warm me up before the big moves. 

Navy man was unfortunately number 1 and that was strike two. When we got back to his place I sat on the couch and instead of sitting next to me chose to sit in a chair next to the couch ugh! After about ten minutes of conversation and one maybe two confused people I decided it was up to me and in a now or never move got up and playfully sat in his lap. That is when the light bulb finally when on in his head and we started up.

Now I had a career of sitting in a man’s lap and wiggling so I kind of can tell a lot of things as I suspect most if not all women can. Well as we were kissing like horny teenagers and his hand all over my tits I kept on wiggling hoping to feel a nice hard dick at some point. While I did feel something I started to worry about the initial impression. It was time for a closer inspection and I slowly slid down to between his legs and started to get him out of his pants. When I finally cock to bare his cock and see that it was in fact hard as a rock I had unfortunately found strike three.

Now I am not remotely a size queen and I am the believer it is not the size but how am an uses it. But you still have to have enough size to have some options in how you can use it and unfortunately for Navy man his options were quite limited. But I am a giver, a slut or probably in some combination I was not about to hurt his feelings and stop as there was surely fun to be had so I started to give him some very enjoyable oral. Strike four as he came probably less then a minute. 

Well I am going to not drag this out. We did get around to round two where he showed he was quite capable of giving quality oral and that was great. I did fuck him or least I think I did, just kidding it was not that small but not where a woman could ever really feel fucked though. But by the time round two was over I think we both knew that this was going to be a one time thing. I am not opposed to playing with him again because he was really nice and cute but I do not think I would go out of my way though.

Got home and told Rock about my day and Rock ever the optimist pointed out I should be thankful for his gift and I politely reminded him I am grateful everyday for it and next time to keep fucking me in the morning!


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    4. Our brother Mohammad Lujain Alzin participated in the idea of this research may god will reward him for that work, and also reward any one who may contributes by a useful idea.


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