April 08, 2009

Where the Boys Are

I have wanted to write about this since I started this blog. Please understand the following is based on my experiences that are based on my personality, issues and situation. None of the following is meant as advice or a how to but is nothing more then just a recap.

The following ways I find men to hook up with in no order of preference or popularity.

Cyber Sites

Good – A ready made target group. Hey anyone interesting in fucking a married woman, no strings attached? People tend to be more open about their sexual interests and can see if at least those match before we meet. I have found for actually cultivating regulars that at least simpler to broach the subject or requirements starting out.

Bad – Where to start… People just have very little ability to tell the truth in cyber. Whether it is something specific about themselves or what is happening in their life to be looking for a woman like me people tend to forget all their liabilities and create fictional assets. Married men in cyber think just because we are both married that by itself makes us a perfect match and often do not handle it in a classy manner when I disagree. The idea of stepping out on their other and getting laid is far easier to pursue then actually doing it. Too many times I have wasted hours on emails, instant messaging (always my personal hell) and telephone conversations so a guy could fantasize about doing the deed but get cold feet or just played me and often either disappear or stand me up when we agree on meeting.

How often – At this point I try to avoid having an ad in cyber as much as I can. Still I put one up once or twice a year when I am especially on the lookout for regulars.

Overall – It is painful but a necessary evil in my life.


Good – People who are horny and actually looking for real life can be found at bars. A lot more sexy foreplay and especially in a way Rock can enjoy by dressing in a come and get me boys outfit. You can get away with a lot more in bars then other places. You can dance and get practically molested and dry humped. You can place hands and feet in many fun places while sitting. You can do more of the wild things like blow a guy in the parking lot five minutes after starting up a conversation.

Bad – I hate drunks and I cannot stand fucking drunken men. Bars have too many of them. I prefer to get approached like most women and alcohol is liquid courage. Not the safest environment and therefore it is higher risk in several things that a life as a hotwife we cannot avoid but need to try to keep as low as we can.

How often – Over time for Rock and I this has become more of a special event type thing. When in the mood for some raunchy behavior we will go out or when I am in a dry spell I will venture out on my own. We can go months without doing this or do it twice within a week but this is more icing to the cake then anything else now.

Overall – Gives some of the best times for Rock and I but because of our age maybe and the risks we do not indulge this way.

Out in the world randomness

Good – My favorite bar none. Whether the enjoyment of going from running a mundane errand that a half hour later I am getting my brains fucked out or just meeting someone that a spark happens and begins a process that may or may not lead to sex there is something about finding these things when not looking that is very nice.

Bad – Very random and to depend on this would mean a lot of long dry spells. Most repairman, customer service people and just people out doing regular life are not open to a quickie out of the blue or in the zone to come on to a woman in a non pickup place.

How often – Completely random as I have gone months without even giving out my phone number and have had days where I have had multiple sexual encounters.

Overall – I think if these hookups never happen my life as a hotwife would mot be as nice as I have enjoyed. But I could also see wasting my life away trying to make this type happen more often.

“Work” related

Good – Well I do not technically work but volunteer my time for a cause very close to my heart. This tends to mean I am around others like that and of course that makes me like them and that is half the battle of if I will let someone fuck me. Since I am not paid people I am around are more aggressive. The social work world has a lot of workshops and my cause, foster children, I do a lot of workshops and seminars for them. Many people coming from another place and this has an amazing affect on their monogamy thoughts.

Bad – I do not mind a reputation of being a slut and unfaithful to my husband and it has obvious advantages. But I am far too often used or put in the spotlight of being a major success story. The aged out foster care child who spent some time homeless that went on to get and undergrad degree as well as a Masters degree. But compare to many how they could or would strip to be able to afford those things and marry a great guy that just happens to only want a total slut and was insistent that I do not work full time so I would have the time and energy to be a slut. I have always had trouble in reconciling those two things.

How often – In general, not all the time, avoid people I regularly deal with but this is a good source of my playmates and for some reason many of my female playmates.

Overall – it is all over the place. This way gives me some of my best times it is also probably the one I also struggle with the most as well.

Free whore (prostituted to a few of Rock’s customers)

Good – Pure sexual objectification that makes this always have a little extra spice in it. I like I can help out Rock by doing my part in making the customers like him and be loyal. I like how I do not have to work it or take the lead as rock and the customer do all that and for many that I fuck they think I am bought and paid for so they are just going to fuck me and enjoy it rather then trying to make the earth move and put pressure on acting for their benefit.

Bad – There is always in the back of my mind this could somehow explode onto Rock and be uncomfortable for him although he always laughs this off.

How often – Pretty rare as we do not do this for local customers so this gets limited to pretty much trade show/convention here and there. Some times a business trip I will go with Rock for this purpose.

Overall – I must say I enjoy this more then I would have ever thought. I think though it has the perfect balance of how often is limited enough to make it that much fun.


Good – Other horny people who like sex with someone besides their spouse.

Bad – The whole atmosphere always feel s a little antiseptic. I just have trouble with relaxing and letting go how most of the play happens. Rock is really into me fucking other people then he is fucking other women. He on occasion enjoys another woman and is always up for Lips, but in general he has to spend a lot of time being distracted from seeing me getting nailed.

How often – Not much anymore. We tried it early in our relationship and still have some friends we made that we get together with in like private parties but this is no longer a thing we would classify as active.

Overall – Good source of willing bodies. Not the best atmosphere if you prefer one on one or more raunchy type atmosphere and things done from my experiences. Like politically correct fucking.

Friends that Rock gets to do me

Good – Rock gets to be in contact with people that they both know I am a slut who will fuck anybody. I not sure Rock would see me in the same way if he could not feel this from that. I am not saying major sweetie!

Bad – Have had some instances of awkwardness afterwards. Sure some enjoy it and come for seconds or more. But some it is just too weird. Overtime they are ok but Rock or I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

How often – Known Rock for seven plus years, the friends he has that he thinks would be cool with it have already been recruited and have passed or fucked me. Now an occasional person here or there.

Overall – I enjoy doing this for Rock. It usually does not make for the best sex, Rock is an intimidating figure even if not present. But have also established some wonderful ongoing friendships with benefits by doing this.

So there you have it. It might read like I get laid by different men everyday but that is far from the case. But it is nice to have such a wide variety in which I may find someone!


  1. loved this. I think we could write a darn witty, perhaps painful at time sex manual.
    "Out in the world randomness" My favorite too.

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment. Heres to the world of randomness!

    You could write anything you wanted with your writing talents.


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  5. I love your openness and analytical approach. Great blog. Thanks for posting.

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