March 24, 2009

If It Wasn’t Hard

No this entry is not an ode to a hard cock although I am sure I will write about that soon. No the title was meant to refer to “If it wasn’t hard it would not be worth it”.

I am going on a date tonight. I hate dates. For me the seduction, chase and all the dressings to get someone in bed is work for the reward of sex. I can sometimes enjoy these things but mostly it is like working out to keep an attractive figure, the working out is not enjoyable but the benefits of it more then make up for working out and make it far easier to do. I am all about enjoying physical foreplay and hardcore sex then any of the flirting or will we or won’t we stuff that goes on. 

This is why I enjoy regulars. To become a regular for me is for the man to be able to reduce me to pretty much just a sexual object to be used. Sounds like many of men fantasies of I am horny I will just get with this woman and be done a short time later. But many men are just not like that. They like much of the romance and dating things as well as most women just maybe not to the degree.

As spring comes I have to get my ass in gear. I am really only down to one actual regular man. Rebound does not really count as he is practically family and has had me so many times that Rock does not get a special charge out of me doing him. So I am not holding my end up of our commitment we made in our marriage if I was just to rely on just one or two regulars and friend fucking. 

I dislike the word cuckold. Most who think that work think of either a poor schlep who does not know his wife is stepping out on him or some submissive man who is getting humiliated and/or cannot please his other sexually so she fucks other men. Certainly by definition most women even women like me who cheat with full encouragement of their spouse makes their men cuckolds. But I have a hang up as Rock is wonderfully awesome in the sack and habitually proud and turned on when I fuck other men which is far from humiliated. Hell he loves people knowing us that his wife is a cheap slut. Maybe the best way to put this is he gets far more turned on to see me with dried cum on some part of my face or tit area, my hair all messed up and reeking of just got seriously fucked then for me to spend hours looking my best and wait for him in some new lingerie with candles lit in our bedroom. In fact if their was makeup sold to simulate dried cum, perfume that smelled like stale after the fact sex and hair product to get that morning tramp coming home look he would so have me look like that 24/7.

Rock loves when I am fucking behind his back. In fact our biggest problem and my biggest obstacle when we started to take this seriously was doing this. One of the things he really likes is for me not to give him any clues until after the fact. Sure there are sometimes signs and obvious actions. I will walk out of our home tonight dressed to impress and not like it is going to be a ladies night out. But I have not done this that often and most of my behind the back non regular action has been spontaneous. But that is why I need to make a better effort. Rock still is getting more of a thrill from my blowjob to the furnace guy in the morning and hotel romp in the afternoon with a relative stranger a month or so ago then the fun we this past Saturday when it was the normal group. 

So here is to working it to get laid. Because without the work it might not be worth it and at least Rock will appreciate the possibility if the date turns out to be nothing.


  1. Good luck on the date. Hopefully he has enough brains to know a good thing when he sees it.

  2. Thank you Paule. It was unfortunate but I am not sure he understood sober and easy.


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