April 02, 2009

Customer Service

For this entry I probably need to talk about boundaries and power to first. Rock and I have three situations where there is to be no sleeping around. 1) People in the neighborhood as that can get messy. 2) His employees and local customers for getting messy and potential legal problems. 3) Any situation that makes other non direct participants awkward, upset while seeing something directly that they would not expect to see. For example, if I was to dirty dancing with some guy at a very proper wedding reception or perform some sex act in a public place that anyone could see. A blow job in the parking lot of a shopping mall would be a no as anyone could see that. Now a blow job at night in a bar parking lot is fine as people who might see should not be stunned.

In terms of who chooses whom I have sex with it is mixed. I am suppose to and do seek out sexual encounters on my own and pretty much have carte blanche on doing that. The truth is Rock would like to do more of this then I actually do. But I will also have sex with anyone that Rock wants me to have sex with which comes to what I want to write about today.

Rock on occasion will have me sleep with a customer of his. Now since I do not do it for local customers it does not happen that often. I will though often travel with him to a convention or trade show of some type and then all bets are off and I will surely write about this when it happens. But yesterday was a surprise out of the blue situation. Rock had a customer from out of state that was here on unrelated business and Rock took him to lunch yesterday. Now I apparently had never hooked up with this guy but had with others in his company and he hinted up a storm to Rock about me and what he had heard. Now this is like crack to a crack addict with Rock. A man trying best to ascertain that his wife is sexy and easy. 

Anyway, Rock called me after the lunch to inform me that he had invited this man (Bill) out to dinner tonight but had decided I would be the only one showing up to dine with Bill. Now I am not a big writer of detailing of events but will try to write briefly on what transpired.

I met Bill in the lobby of the hotel he was staying in. Rock gave me a good description which was of a guy in his late forties, mostly bald, average height and pudgy. I have no problem in going up to people and starting conversations so this is not tough or a nervous thing to me. I simply went up to Bill and “apologized” for Bill not being able to make it but I am sure we can have a “good” time in a flirtatious manner. He only hesitated a little before we headed out to the restaurant. 

Now there are two particular ways to get me to really want to fuck someone. Either the natural combination of the person looks, personality and demeanor that plays into my instinctive arousal areas or some combination of a self esteem boost and tugging on my heart. Bill was not the first but over a nice dinner certainly hit on the second. He was certainly enjoying being out to dinner with someone my age and looking fairly good in my wine colored cocktail dress that I hoped communicated I expect to get fucked. He was recently divorced and his tale was an all too familiar one that I heard when I was dancing. I understand it takes two to tango but there still is something sad that I do feel sorry for the men who had wives who could not be bothered with sexually satisfying the men they are suppose to love. Guys like that always got better dances from me and in this case Bill was going to get lucky if he wanted.

Dinner took about an hour and a half and now it can get tricky. Bill may know I fuck around and Rock gives me to customers. Bill even coming off a long term marriage should have been able to see my obvious flirts and other clues but still most men in this situation can still be afraid or clueless to make any type of move. In this case I go to one of my usual moves which is I lean toward him, start rubbing a foot against a leg of Bill’s and ask him if he would like to continue this night back at his hotel. Bill replied yes and I knew I had him!

Getting out of the car at his hotel is where I ratchet it up. I walk into the hotel and to the elevator holding his arm and trying to maximize my tits touching his arm. In the elevator Bill is being a perfect gentleman but I am not being a lady. I now am pretty much grinding my right tit into his arm and I put my mouth near his ear and whisper “I want you cock in my wet pussy so bad!”. There is a method to my actions. I have found with men who are not intentional players and especially who have not been in the dating game a lot that before anything actually starts that giving them the clearest signals possible that they have full permission to go all the way with me. Otherwise many are hesitant and clumsy with their moves in wondering they will get a yes or no from me or even worse wonder if they should make a move. 

Bill got the signal loud and clear and as soon as his room door was closed we went at it. There are always good and bad things when fucking strangers. The good and especially when fucking a customer of Rock’s is that it is only going to be a one night thing that there is really no pressure in the performance and with a customer it is all about rocking their world. So this type of sex it can be easy for me to basically turn off my brain and enjoy the ride which is what I did with Bill and he was ok nothing special but I have had many worse.

A few minutes after he came I asked if I could spend the night which he really liked that idea. Now comes one of my favorite parts of being a hotwife and one when first starting down this path I dreaded and that was the phone call to Rock. Of course now I know when I call him telling him I will not be home this is music to his ears and cock. But the first few times was painful for me. I have a preference. Most men are really uncomfortable with the me talking to my husband and look to leave the room. Now some do get turned on by it, more in a later blog entry. But if I can keep the man there while I talk to Rock I enjoy being playfully sexual while talking to Rock. So this time while talking to Rock I was able to touch and lick Bill’s cock. I just love that!

About a half hour later Bill was ready for round two and my mind again wandered as he seem like a real nice guy, maybe not physically attractive but not repulsive, had a good job and for a man in his late forties can get it up twice in a short time. Why is he divorced? The second time was very nice and I came twice. 

We got up early in the morning because I wanted to get home to Rock before he left for work. I have a favorite thing I like to do in these situations. I like to get dressed, never shower, and then go through the “had a good time” and “let us do this again” type hollow words and when we kiss just before the goodbye I pull my face back and smile then slowly drop to my knees and give the man a blow job. I just love thinking the last thing a man saw me do was give him a blow job and walk happily out the door. I am a slut and want them to remember that!

But my favorite part comes next and it never gets old because Rock seems to never get tired of that. I come home and walk into our bedroom and Rock is waiting as he ogles perhaps his favorite view of me. Wearing an obvious previous night out clothes, not showered and smelling of another man and sex. 

Rock despises being late for work but somehow does not mind when he takes me like this. I am one lucky woman!


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    People of Pompeii believed in god of sex, so they used to glorify him and to draw paints to get his satisfaction. We have to mention that there is an exhibition which includes these paints and pictures but children are not allowed to watch it without a special approval. {3}

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    By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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    4. Our brother Mohammad Lujain Alzin participated in the idea of this research may god will reward him for that work, and also reward any one who may contributes by a useful idea.


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