May 01, 2009

The Bull Treatment

Bull called me yesterday and he came over and spent a fun and quick time together in the evening. I am guessing most in casual relationships, people seeking out sexual only relationships and maybe some in serious long term relationships face a certain question at some point they have to answer. The question of why am I with this person if I do not really like them, is it really just the sex. I was faced with confronting this question when I started seeing Bull and apparently my answer was just because of the sex is a good enough reason.

I have nicknamed the guy Bull because literally that is what he likes to think of himself as and really enjoys doing. He likes being the bull of a wife who cuckolds her husband in the more stereotyped way. That he does have many extra thrills of fucking married women and chases after them.

It is kind of funny but where I stand now today I would have never given Bull or someone like him a chance but when I met him was a different time and place. It was my first time using an adult personal site to find a guy to bang me. Bull seemed sincere, nice and very doable that my naivety and cock lust had me overlook some things. The things were that Bull really probed looking for something in my relationship with Rock sexually that was lacking where he could fix it and take me to a place I never have been. 

Bull has at least a minor issue with Narcissism. But like I was ignoring some signs he was ignoring my answers for probably the same reasons and we started to see each other and the sex was and still is great. I do know that I just would never in a million years date him if I was single. But I am not a good fit for Bull so while I do include him as a regular in my life it is very on and off. Basically an occasional random time here and there as either he has been without too long or has not been able to have the type of sex that we are both into he comes a calling.

Well the blog title kind of says it all I like being objectified. I lust for any type of sex that has that aspect and bonuses of sometimes a degrading feeling on a pretty strong level. This tend to make me enjoy sex describes with words like rough, hard, brutal, cruel, animalistic and to be thought of at the time in terms of cheap, willing to do anything, just a piece of meat for a guys pleasure. Give me a man who treats me like that sexually and it is all good. Give me a man who wants to show off his sexual “talents” or wants to “connect” with me sexually by making my pleasure the focus of attention and the number of orgasms he gives me is how he keeps score and we are not going to have an encore. Men in between are very cool and great as well and more times then not are the men I am with or the sex I am having.

With Rock our relationship has the I am a sexual object for his pleasure so out there and so casual 24/7 that we often have far less severe/rough stuff then I may prefer but what we do is so natural and so freeing to us and particularly him that what I would call romantic many would call selfish and impersonal on his end. Shock is great at giving it to me hard and rough but with him it is all physical and instinctive the more he is turned on the wilder he will be. But Bull this is all head space. Bull likes doing these things and the fact I still get off on him and willing to do this for him feeds his ego. It is never when he is with me and throat fucking me and having me gag that I can possibly just like getting treated that way but that I just am so into him I could not say no to whatever he wants. This compatibly is why I think he is so sporadic, too much time with me the illusion goes poof but here and there he can feed off of the sex enough. So on the one hand if I think too much about Bull my thought is to cut him off but the sex is just too good so I just try to never think about it. 

Bull was over last evening and we were chatting for about ten minutes and that was enough for him. Another reason why the sex is so great with him, he is large and in charge and will do what he wants when he wants and this is greatly enjoyable and freeing to just be able to relax my mind and enjoy the sex. Bull just pretty much mid sentence grabs my head and pulls me toward him and starts kissing me catching me off guard but still not surprised but it takes me a few seconds to shift my mind into it. Every move he makes from his tongue entering my mouth to his hands manhandling my tits are like statements of him claiming my body and my enjoyment of it is a remote concern to him. To be treated this way it is not if I have an orgasm but just how many.

Bull then pulls me up from the couch and we head for the bedroom. Most men prefer the guest bedroom but of course not Bull he wants to fuck where Rock and I sleep. We get undressed and before we get on the bed he places his hands on my shoulder and guides me down semi forcefully to my knees and I take his cock in my mouth and begin to suck it. Soon he has his hands on my head and begins to control the speed and depth of his cock in my mouth. I do love sucking him as he has for some reason a cock that tastes and smells particularly enjoyable to me. 

After only a few minutes Bull grabs my hair and pulls me off his cock and onto the bed face down. With one hand he holds my head hard against the mattress as a sign I am not to move. With his other hand he starts to masturbate me by alternating rubbing his hand on my clit and finger fucking me often with three fingers. Why he thinks I would move in a way not to let him do this to his hearts content I have no idea. After he notices my second orgasm while doing this he lets up and asks for a condom which I quickly get from a drawer. 

I start sucking him to get his cock nice and hard then he gives me the unwrapped condom to put on his cock that I thinks he gets some head boost so I do it in a lust filled way. He starts us off in a relaxing missionary position that does feel quite nice but he switches us after awhile to the doggie position and we both know what is coming and we both really like it. The pace is picked greatly up once he enters me in this position and I am now getting hard and fast and I do not know what is louder my moans or our thighs and groins bumping together with each hard and deep thrust. I orgasm once and am about to for the second time but a little before I could Bull cums and has us collapse in the bed, close but I will not complain, Rock will be home in a couple of hours to take care of anymore itches.

A few minutes of talk and it is get dressed and part ways. I never really know if it will be the last time with Bull but I have long since stop trying to figure out if I care or not if it will be the last time. I just embrace getting the bull treatment.


  1. It takes a special kind of man to treat a woman the way he does...not all men have that in them. Its such a turn on to know that even though you wouldnt normally give him the light of day, you still enjoy fucking him!

  2. Yes, it is tough to find men like that and often have to be patient and over time let thme build their confidence that you are truly cool with getting treated that way.

    Thank you for the comment.



  4. Cannot do 'em all in this weee time on earth, yet, ya most certainly CAN in Heaven Above where we have the length and breadth of eternity; meet me in Heaven, gorgeous girl, where I’ll tenderly, gently, lovingly kiss your adorable feet because I’m sooo happy you made it. Lookit ‘sexponential’ first and lemme make love to you Beyond the Stars to do many other wonderfull, appetizing things as well. We love you, child, Christ and this sinfull mortal. The world doesn’t. The world only wants to use and abuse you. So, always remember: don’t git sooo involved in this finite planet, you lose your immortal soul. +God/Bless/You+

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